In 1970 a young college student, while serving an internship in a social change group at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay, researched various human services and identified a gap in the availability of medical services for a large group of people.

Her assigned focus was to change an existing health care delivery system to reach them. She found this to be impossible and convinced the professors and her fellow students to allow her to shift focus enough to create an alternative health care delivery system.


July 27, 1971

Clinic Opens

The N.E.W. Community Clinic, under the name of the Green Bay Area Free Clinic, opened its doors for the first time. It was established to provide basic health care services and referrals for other care to area persons who lacked health insurance. The clinic was housed in a second-floor apartment and staffed entirely by volunteers.

Moving Day

In 1972, the clinic moved to a two-story house.

Administrator Hired

By 1974 the clinic hired a full-time administrator

Endorsed by hospitals

In 1975 the Brown County Medical Society had endorsed the clinic and all three hospitals were accepting lab work done at the clinic at no charge.

New Location

A major fund drive resulted in the construction of the present 6,782 square feet modern primary care facility, which was completed and occupied in 1987.

Second Medical Clinic Opened

In July of 2006, we opened a medical clinic at NWTC.

Dental Clinic Expanded

In 2012 we expanded our dental clinic at NWTC.
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